EDA Tools/Capital Equipments made available to the Institutions under SMDP-C2SD

Vendor Name Category Description No. of User Licenses/ Quantity
(10 Institutes)
(30 Institutes)
(20 Institutes)
  1. Cadence - Core System Development Suite (SDS) Bundle for digital (front-end and back-end) and analog (front-end and back-end)

  2. Cadence - Add-on Solutions Set to Core SDS Bundle

  3. Cadence Silicon Package Board (SPB) Bundle
Virtuoso(R) Schematic Editor XL Virtuoso Multi-mode Simulation with Spectre XPS Virtuoso(R) Analog Design Environment GXL 40 User licenses/ institute 20 User licenses/ institute 20 User licenses/ institute
Virtuoso AMS Designer Verification Option Virtuoso(R) Layout Suite GXL AMS Designer with Flexible Analog Simulation
Incisive Enterprise Simulator - XL Genus Synthesis Encouter Conformal Low power
Innovus Implementation System Cadence® Physical Verification System Design Rule Checker XL Cadence® Physical Verification System Layout vs. Schematic Checker XL
Cadence Quantus QRC Extraction - XL Virtuoso Implementation Aware Design Option Virtuoso® RelXpert
Virtuoso Accelerated Parallel Simulator Virtuoso Multi-mode Simulation Power option Virtuoso Multi-mode Simulation CPU Accelerator Option
Voltus-Fi Custom Power Integrity Solution - XL Spectre Extensive Partitioned Simulator Spectre Characterization Simulator Option
Virtuoso® Analog Oasis Run-Time Option Cadence(R) OASIS for RFDE Virtuoso(R) Schematic VHDL Interface
Virtuoso(R)Schematic Editor Verilog(R) Interface Virtuoso(R) Analog HSPICE Interface Option Genus Low Power Option
Genus Physical Option Genus CPU Accelerator Option C-to-Silicon Compiler- L
Encounter' True Time ATPG Advanced Encounter Diagnostics Basic Option to RC - DFT Architect Advanced
Encounter Test LBIST Option Encounter Test Advanced MBIS7 Option Enterprise Simulator - XL Interface for MTI 20 User licenses/ institute 10 User licenses/ institute 5 User licenses/ institute
Enterprise Simulator - XL Interface for VCS Incisive' Formal Verifier Incisive' Enterprise Verifier - XL
Digital Mixed Signal Option to 1ES Encounter?' Conformal - GXL JasperGold Connectivity Verification APP
JasperGold Coverage APP Option JasperGold Formal Property Verification APP JasperGold Interactive Option
JasperGold Structural Property Synthesis APP JasperGold X-Propagation Verification APP Cadence Quantus QRC Advanced Analysis GXL option
Cadence Quantus QRCX Display Technology Option Cadence Quantus QRC Advanced Modeling20 GXL Option Virtuoso Advanced Device Modeling HVMOS (For Eldo)
Virtuoso Advanced Device Modeling HVMOS (For HSP10E) Pcell Generator Litho Electrical Analyzer
Graphical Technology Editor Litho Physical Analyzer Tempus Timing Signoff Solution TSO
Voltus IC Power Integrity Solution - XL (VTS-XL) Voltus IC Power Integrity Solution Advanced Analysis GXL Tempus Timing Signoff Solution XL
Tempo s Timing Signoff Solution MP Virtuoso Liberate Server Virtuoso Liberate Client
Virtuoso Variety Server Virtuoso Variety Client Virtuoso Liberate MX Server
Virtuoso Liberate MX Client Virtuoso Liberate LV Server Virtuoso Liberate LV Client
Innovus 20/16/14nm Option lnnovus Mixed Signal Option Innovus DFM Option
Allegro® -PCB Librarian - XL Allegro(R) Physical Viewer Allegro PCB High-Speed Option 20 User licenses/ institute 10 User licenses/ institute 5 User licenses/ institute
Allegro PCB Designer Allegro PCB Miniaturization Option Allegro PCB Analog/RE option
Allegro PCB Routing Option Allegro Design Authoring High-Speed Option Allegro FPGA system Planner option
Allegro AMS Simulator Allegro AMS Simulator SLPS interface Allegro® Sigrity SI base
Allegro Sigrity PI Base Allegro Sigrity Power Aware SI option Power Integrity Sign off and Optimization Option
Allegro Sign ty system Serial Link Option Allegro Sigrity Package Assessment and Extraction Option Cadence SiP Digital Architect - XL
Cadence® SiP Layout - XL Cadence 3D Design Viewer
Mentor Graphics 4. Mentor Graphics - IC Nanometer Design Bundle Eldo Questa ADMS Total 1200 Bundles to 60 Institutions
Pyxis Calibre IE3D
5. Mentor Graphics - Design Verification and Test Bundle Vista ReqTracer Questa Simulation
Questa Codelink Precision Synthesis Leonardo Spectrum
Tessent System Vision
6. Mentor Graphics - Board/PCB Bundle
Synopsys 7. Synopsys - Asia Pac Front End University Bundle

8. Synopsys - Asia Pac Back End University Bundle

9. Synopsys - Asia Pac 2D TCAD University Bundle

10. Synopsys - Asia Pac Full Custom University Bundle

11. Synopsys - Asia Pac Saber University Bundle

12. Synopsys - SBG University Bundle (FPGA)

13. Synopsys - Asia Pac System Design Suite University Bundle
ARM v7v8 Fast Models Base Lib BSD Compiler (Synthesis) coreAssembler (coreTools) Total 300 Bundles to 60 Institutions
coreBuilder (coreTools) coreConsultant (coreTools) coreTools
CosmosScope Custom Compiler Custom Infrastructure
Custom WaveView DC Explorer (Synthesis) Design Compiler (Synthesis)
Design Vision (Synthesis) DesignWare Developer (Synthesis) DesignWare TLM Library
DVE ESP Euclide
FineSim Formality HDL Compiler (Synthesis)
HSIMplus IC Compiler IC Compiler II
IC Validator IC Validator Workbench Laker
Laker ADP Laker Blitz Laker OA
Library Compiler Milkyway Environment NanoTime
PA - Virtualizer Power Compiler (Synthesis) PrimePower
PrimeSim Continuum - (PrimeSim HSPICE) PrimeTime Suite Raphael
Saber SaberES Designer SaberRD
Sentaurus Process Explorer SiliconSmart ACE Silver and TestWeaver
SpyGlass StarRC Synopsys Common Licensing
Synopsys Container Synopsys Installer Synplify (Synplify FPGA Design)
Synplify FPGA Design Synplify Premier (Synplify FPGA Design) Synplify Pro (Synplify FPGA Design)
Synthesis Taurus Medici Taurus TSUPREM-4
TCAD Sentaurus TCAD Sentaurus PCM Studio TestMAX Advisor (SpyGlass)
TestMAX ATPG TestMAX DFT (Synthesis) TestMAX Diagnosis (TestMAX ATPG)
TestMAX FuSa (SpyGlass) TestMAX VTRAN TLM Libraries
VC Formal and AIP (VC Static) VC ML Platform VC SpyGlass (VC Static)
VC Static VC VIP Protocol Portfolio VC Z01X (VCS)
VCS VCS GNU Package Verdi SX (Verdi)
Verdi Ultra (Verdi) Verdi3 (Verdi) Virtual Prototyping
Xilinx 14. Xilinx - Vivado System Design Set 25 User licenses/ institute 25 User licenses/ institute 25 User licenses/ institute
15. Xilinx - SDSoC Development Set 25 User licenses/ institute 25 User licenses/ institute ---
16. Xilinx - Partial Reconfiguration Add-on 3 User licenses/ institute --- ---
17. Xilinx - 10 Basys3 board, 3 Analog Discovery Kit, PMOD Keypad, PMOD CLP Bundle/ institute Bundle/ institute Bundle/ institute
18. Xilinx - 5 Zybo board, 5 Nexsys4 DDR kit Bundle/ institute Bundle/ institute ---
19. Xilinx - 5 Zedboard, 1 Genesys2 board, 1 VC707 board Bundle/ institute --- ---
HP 20. Workstation Intel Xeon Processor 12-16 GB RAM 500 GB SATA HDD 5 per institute 5 per institute 5 per institute
2GB NVIDIA Graphics Card 24" LED Monitor Keyboard & Mouse
Miscellaneous 21. Hardware Equipments Interface cards compatible with FPGA Boards DC Probe Station Digital Storage Oscilloscope Bundle/ institute Bundle/ institute Bundle/ institute
Test Equipment (Oscilloscope Function Generator) Source Unit Pipeline System RF Probe Station With Probe Cards
High End Oscilloscope LeCroy WaveRunner Oscilloscope Data Acquisition System
Audio Visual System Laptop FPGA/DSP/Embedded boards
Test and Measurement Equipment Logic Analyzer Real-Time System Function Generator
Capacitance-Voltage Measurement Unit (CVU) Multi-Function Printer (Wireless/Networking) Source Measure Unit
ARM Based FPGA Boards 81150A Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator A Multi-Channel Data Acquisition System
Power Supplies, Meters, Probe Stations Active Differential Probes RF Vector Signal Generator (2 GHz)
Keysight 16802A 68-Channel Portable Logic Analyzer PCB Design, Assembly, Fabrication and Testing ESD and Vibration Safe Soldering Table with Microscope
Network Printer and Scanner LCD Projectors Portable Signal Generator
Advance Design System Portable Quad Output Power Supply Logic Analyzer, Ancillaries Impedance Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Network Analyzer
Digital Signal Oscilloscope Sensors Pico-Ammeter
Arbitrary Signal Generator RF Shielded Environment and Anechoic Chamber Solenoid Vaves, Sprinkler
Sensor Network Platform Dual-Channel Signal Source Network Printer
Biometric Lock for Lab UPS (5KVA/10kVA/15KVA) CISCO Network Switch
Sever Room Temperature Monitoring System SMD/BGA soldering/De-soldering Station Color Printer
Digital Storage Cluster Switch